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Why Fitech?

Doing What We Can
to Reduce Fire Damage

Fitech is committed to in-house research and development along with maintaining its own manufacturing systems. Every day, we develop and manufacture the very best fire extinguishing agents in hopes of improving disaster prevention and damage mitigation.

Fitech's strengths

Our Core Values

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    1. Latest Technology

    Since its establishment, Fitech has been heavily involved with the research and development of fire extinguishing agents. Our research and development successes are reflected in the products we manufacture every day—helping to reduce fire damage. Our products are highly regarded by government agencies and fire protection experts as high-performance fire extinguishing agents.

    In-House Development

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    2. Wide Selection

    Fitech offers a wide range of fire-fighting products, from throwable fire extinguishers and fire extinguishers made to handle deep-fryer oil, to fire extinguishers for forest fires and large oil plant fires. We are also involved in the customization of products specifically suited for special applications and usage locations, along with co-development of original fire extinguishing agents.

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    3. Stable Supply Chain

    All our products are manufactured at our own plant in Aichi Prefecture, Japan. Due to our thorough control of our inventory and the manufacturing process, we can provide high quality products to large suppliers without any supply chain issues.

    Fitech’s Customers

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    4. Quality and Performance

    Fitech is committed to domestic manufacturing at our own plants and strives to maintain the highest quality for our fire extinguishing products. Each product has not only been rigorously tested in-house, but has also passed external tests administered by the government and other third parties. Test and inspection data can be viewed at the link below.

    Test Data

Fitech’s fire extinguishing agents have been
recognized for their quality and performance and are available worldwide.

Fitech sales figures

Retail outlets selling
Fitech products in Japanaround 50,000

Countries where Fitech products are sold

Countries where Fitech
products are available48 countries