Fitech Throw


This simple fire extinguishing tool is
perfect for home

Fitech Throw

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Key Features

  • 1

    Safe and eco-friendly ingredients

  • 2

    No worrying about where to store it

  • 3

    Includes free Fitech Kitchen bonus

  • the touch

    1Safe to the touch

    Fitech’s fire extinguishers do not create harsh ammonia odors. They meet even the safety standards of food additives and are safe to touch with bare skin.

  • working looking at factory

    2Store at any temperature

    Fitech fire extinguishers can handle even severe
    temperature changes of -30–90 °C outside of the storage bag and -40–110 °C in the storage bag. They are safe even if left in a vehicle on a hot summer day.

  • Fitech Kitchen attached to refrigerator door

    3Fitech Kitchen included

    Fitech Kitchen is included with each Fitech Throw. This combo will provide you with the ultimate in fire safety.

    Fitech Kitchen

Product Details

Product Name Fitech Throw
Product Size

Fitech Throw
Bottle dimensions: Φ70 × 200mm
Fire extinguisher mass: 709g
Bottle weight: 736g

Box dimensions: W130mm × D123mm × H240mm

Extras Fitech Kitchen
Size: W60mm × D17mm × H290mm
Volume: 145g
Case Size

12 pc. case
Size: W405mm × D515mm × H270mm
Count: 12
Volume: 14.5kg

16 pc. case (for export)
Size: W530mm × D530mm × H280mm
Count: 16
Volume: 19.5kg

JAN Code

JAN Code

Fitech Throw
JAN Code

Fitech Kitchen
JAN Code

Odor Almost none
ph Level 7.1pH±0.4 (neutral)
Environmental considerations

Meets food additive level safety standards

Compliant with RoHS Regulations, COD, BOD, and Environmental Standards