The Life-Saving Power Plug: LifePlug


In times of disaster,
electricity can be a lifesaver

  • What if your phone’s battery dies?
  • What if you could use your microwave in a disaster?
  • What if you could use your refrigerator in a disaster?
  • What if you could use medical devices that could save lives in a disaster?
  • What if you could power a traffic light in a disaster?

Use extra power to protect your family when disaster strikes. LifePlug makes that possible.

Until now, LifePlug was only available with a new car purchase, but Series 30 Priuses may now be retrofitted with LifePlug at your local Toyota dealer.

  • LifePlug uses official Toyota parts.
  • Remove spare time before installation and receive a flat tire kit after installation.

Product Details

  • LifePlug outputs 100V 1500W.
  • LifePlug can only be installed in the Prius ZVW30.
  • LifePlug is compatible with models sold between May 2009–December 2015 (Support for other models is currently under development.)
  • LifePlug will be installed in-place of your spare tire..
    (A flat tire repair kit is included with LifePlug installation.)
  • Visit your local Toyota dealer for LifePlug installation.
    (Contact dealer in advance for availability.)

Thoughts from Toyota

Toyota believes that eco-friendly vehicles will make an impact on the environment only if their usage is widespread.

Since the introduction of the Prius in 1997, many people have made the choice to own one. It’s time for eco-friendly vehicles to not just contribute to improving our environment, but also improving our local communities.

What can cars do to help the environment and local communities? Toyota believes that a car’s power system can help by repurposing that power system in times of disaster.

With the advent of hybrid car technology, we added such a system to our vehicles, creating the standard for eco-friendly cars. These power sources can be used to power emergency shelters or traffic lights. They bring light and safety to otherwise dark times.



This symbol puts customers at ease knowing that its presence signifies light and safety. Toyota’s goal to create cars that can be a source of strength, even in times of trouble, was born out of this idea.

We are striving to make this idea a widespread reality and raise awareness about PHV (plug-in hybrid) cars and their power systems with the help of LifePlug.

1. Bringing Electricity to Times of

Lighting the way to safety.

Keeping the lights on in a disaster situation is important. People find it easier to maintain their composure in well-lit areas compared to dark ones.

2. Use Cases

  • Multiple appliances can be used simultaneously with an output of up to 1,500 W *1.
  • Power can be supplied with a maximum output *1 of 1,500W, so it can operate household appliances *2 such as TVs, PCs, rice cookers and dryers.
  • Simultaneous use of multiple appliances within a total of 1,500W allows you to use the same level of power as you normally would at home.

Use your car’s power to help those around you or keep your household up and running for up to 4 days. Power your smartphone for 4,000 hours or LED lightbulbs 5,797 hours.

Power Your Home

  • A Prius can output about 40 kWh when fully charged or with a full tank of gas.
  • The average household uses around 10 kWh each day

*Figures calculated based on the above estimates.

Power Your Smartphone

  • Power required to fully charge one smartphone: 10W x 1h = 10Wh
  • Amount of power that Prius PHV fully charged / full tank of gas can be supplied externally: about 40 kWh (= about 40,000 Wh)
  • The number of smartphones that can be fully charged: 40,000 Wh ÷ 10 Wh = 4,000

*Figures calculated based on the above estimates.

Power Your Lights

  • Power required to light one LED bulb for 1 hour: 6.9W x 1h = 6.9Wh
  • Amount of power that Prius PHV can output when fully charged or with a full tank of gas: about 40 kWh (= about 40,000 Wh)
  • LED bulb illumination: 40,000 Wh ÷ 6.9 Wh = 5, 797 hours
  • Smartphone full charge: 40,000Wh÷10Wh=4,000 units

*Figures calculated based on the above estimates.

When battery levels are low, your engine may run even when the vehicle is stopped. Please be aware that in some areas, there may be penalties for running your engine while stopped.

*1: Uses a total of 1500W or less of electrical products. However, even an electric product of 1500 W or less may not work properly. Please contact your dealer for details.

*2: Some products may not operate as normal. Please read the instruction manual before operation.

*3. These figures are estimates. Actual consumption may vary with size and type of device. Extra power is consumed upon device startup.