Fitech Kitchen


Just Drop It in the Pot
in Case of Fire

This fire extinguisher is perfect for home-use and is easy-to-use for anyone, from children to seniors.

Fitech Kitchen in box

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Key Features

  • 1

    Easy enough to use for anyone

  • 2

    Easy disposal

  • 3


  • putting out fire with Fitech Kitchen

    1Drop it in the pot to put out fire

    Tempura oil can be dangerous because it ignites at 350°C. Pouring water on flaming oil can lead to an explosion and/or cause serious injury. This product extinguishes oil fires and can be easily used by simply putting it into a burning pot.

  • Fitech Kitchen after putting out fire

    2Easy to dispose of after use

    Turns to a gel after extinguishing fire. Can be disposed as burnable trash after cooling.

  • Fitech Kitchen in cooking oil

    3Safe and eco-friendly ingredients

    Made with materials that meet even the safety standards of food additives, you can reuse pots that have had a fire put out with this product.

  • Fitech Kitchen color variations

    Choose from a wide variety of designs!

    You can purchase limited-edition versions in a wide assortment of color variations from the Fitech online store.

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Product Details

Product Name Fitech Kitchen
Volume 1.5L
Weight 80ml
Active Ingredients Potassium carbonate and other substances
Shape Bar-shape
Odor Almost none
Environmental considerations

Meets food additive level safety standards

Compliant with RoHS Regulations, COD, BOD, and Environmental Standards