Rehabilitate in Limited Space

MUSTEC Portable is a lightweight, compact rehabilitation device that enables training at home.

Mustec Portable machine

For the Elderly in Pain and People With Difficulty Walking On Their Own

If you are bedridden and have difficulty walking, or if you need assistance when walking, how happy would you be if you could walk on your own?

MUSTEC reduces the load on the knees, hips, joints and ligaments, helping you restore lost muscle strength until you can walk on your own again.

1 Meter-Squared Footprint

MUSTEC Portable collapses down to a compact size, fitting into tight spaces like hospital wards and allows for training at home.

The World’s First At-Home Rehabilitation System

The sooner patients began rehabilitation after surgery, the higher the probability of returning their daily life. Patients stuck in bed for a long time lose walking strength and leg strength rapidly diminishes. This loss of leg strength makes it even harder to get back up. Becoming bedridden creates a difficult situation surrounding daily care for patients and their family. MUSTEC helps with rehabilitation immediately after surgery.

Who Is MUSTEC For?

  • People with knee injuries
  • People who want to maintain leg strength in a single remaining leg
  • People undergoing rehabilitation after surgery
  • People who can not get to a hospital
  • People with joint pain due to decreased muscle strength
  • People in danger of becoming bed ridden
  • People interested in preventative care

Where Is MUSTEC Being Used?

  • Rehabilitation centers
  • Orthopedic clinics
  • Gyms
  • Nursing homes
  • Athletic training facilities
  • Elderly day care

Product Details

Footprint W: 520mm, D: 700mm, H: 1,320mm
(fully open) D: 950mm, H:1,750mm
Weight 30Kg
Maximum Load +5Kg
Maximum Lift 15Kg
Portability Can be carried one-handed using included carrying case.

Can be transported in a small car. (as long as above dimensions can be met)