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[FT-01 Fire extinguishing bottle to throw at fire]

As a bottle type agent this product's extinguishing ability has been recognized both in and out of Japan. It can be used for burning materials such as paper, wood, or cloth, and in temperatures ranging from -40 to 110 degrees Celsius, making it possible to be used in various countries with different climates and situations. There is no irritating ammonia odor, and emission of CO2 qualifies the standards of the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare.

Fitech FT-01

Fire extinguishing bottle to throw at fire

[FT-02 Fire extinguishing tool for frying oil]

As a fire extinguishing tool for frying oil, this product has the quickest extinguishing ability. It is adaptable to up to 1.5 liters of cooking oil, can put out fire in approximately two seconds, and after the extinction it is easy to dispose, without making a big mess.

Fitech FT-02

Fire extinguishing tool for frying oil

[FT-03 Fire extinguishing spray for frying machine]

There is no other extinguishing spray that has a cooling capacity as quick as this product. Its fire fighting capability against commercial frying machines that handle high capacity cooking oil is the best in the world, proved by its high fire extinction performance. This spray is effective for various kinds of oil, whether it be vegetable oil for frying machines or animal fat, as well as garbage fire containing paper or plastic, fire at an exhaust duct in the kitchen, and briquette fire during barbeque.

Fitech FTF-03


[FT-04 Fire extinguishing chemical agent for wild fire (1% dilution)]

This chemical agent has great effect for forest fire, which is one of the crucial causes of the world's CO2 emission. Just by diluting this chemical to 1% the solution shows absolutely greater extinguishing performance compared to plain water. The chemical used for this product is safe for people and animals, do not cause water pollution or soil contamination, and can naturally decompose. It is an environment friendly and ecological chemical agent.

Fitech FTL-04

Fire extinguishing chemical agent for wild fire (1% dilution)

[FT-05 Fire extinguishing chemical agent for fire truck (3% dilution)]

This chemical agent made exclusively for fire trucks can help save up to 83% of the water supply and approximately 78% of time used during fire fighting just by diluting the solution to 3%. By using this product the ability of a fire truck can increase up to about six times its initial capacity. It is also highly efficient to put out fire on oil, and harmless to the human body and animals. By filling the tanks with this effective chemical, the power of fire sprinklers will dramatically increase as well.

Fitech FTL-05

Fire extinguishing chemical agent for fire truck (3% dilution)

[FT-06 Fire extinguishing chemical agent for petroleum fire (6% dilution)]

This product is a fluorine-containing foam type extinguishing chemical made exclusively for petroleum fire including accidents with gasoline and heavy oil. It can be widely applied to various water-insoluble hazardous substances such as gasoline. Compared to a high performance fire extinguishing agent from the United States, our product can extinguish fire quicker and will not allow fire to come back. This has been widely recognized, and our product is adopted in many countries across the world today.

Fire extinguishing chemical agent for petroleum fire (6% dilution)

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