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Message from CEO

Fitech Ltd., CEO Tominori Hayashi

To create a world where anyone can protect themselves from fire, Fitech continues to research and develop new products.

Today, our throw-in type extinguishing agent has achieved top market share in the national retail market. Our product's extinction performance has been recognized as one of the best in the world, including praises from overseas. In fact, our products have officially become nationally recognized fire extinguishers in Kazakhstan, Russia, and Belarus. We hope to make further advance on finding a society where people, regardless of age or nationality, can equally protect their lives from the dangers of fire.

We have focused our product development on whether the product is "easy to use for anyone," especially for children and senior citizens. This is a feature that has been regarded as less important in this industry, but something Fitech has laid great importance upon developing our products.

To protect more lives of citizens, we started to sell a one-of-a-kind extinguishing equipment. Specially designed for cooking oil fire, it is an extinguishing agent for business purposes to be installed at commercial facilities and shops such as supermarkets, convenience stores, restaurants, and hotels.

We hope that our continuing product development of extinguishing chemical agents for fire engines, for forest fire, and for petroleum fire would become useful at emergencies at a global scale. We aim to play an active part in fire fighting for public institutions world-wide.

To protect people's lives and properties, to solve social problems, to make a revolution in the field of fire fighting, we will enhance our research and development and continue to put our greatest efforts to our business. As a growing company we appreciate your continued support and guidance.

March 2013

Fitech Ltd., CEO Tominori Hayashisign

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