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Developer's thoughts

Aiming to co-exist with fire

As it is widely known, human lifestyle and culture have dramatically improved since the discovery of "fire." Yes, "mankind" and "fire" have become friends. "Fire" is closely related to the human development and from its mystique fire is even used in various religious ceremonies today.
I myself like the warmth and delicate movements of fire, and enjoy lighting a candle when I feel a need to ease.
But on the other hand, if we lose control of the use of fire, such small and gentle light can transform into a raging blaze. "Fire" that was thought to be our friend can easily turn against us and become highly harmful to the mankind.
When the balance of power between "fire" and "men" is destroyed, the expanded flame becomes a threat and may bring misfortune to us.

I am familiar with experiences where important family members, houses, and memories were lost due to fire incidents. However, if initial fire-fighting actions can be properly made within two minutes from the occurrence of any fire incident, most damages can be minimized.

Generally, a fire extinguisher is known to be the initial fire-fighting equipment. However, it is certainly not easy to properly use a fire extinguisher in a sudden event of fire. It is in fact hardly possible to remove the safety pin, aim the hose at the base of the fire, and squeeze the lever to accurately spray the contents during such an emergency.

Thus, we started to develop a more practical fire-fighting equipment that would be applicable to anyone, including children, women, elderly and handicapped users.
We invented a throw-in type extinguishing equipment, which is an exclusive extinguishing chemical filled in a special resin container. By throwing this equipment in the fire the container will break, the chemical will spill, and the initial fire fighting actions will complete in seconds.

Products made in the early stage of development were guaranteed to perform only the minimum expected, and as an engineer I was not satisfied with them just yet.
But for about 5 years of further research and development, we finally invented "Fitech throw-in extinguishing equipment" which we believe is the masterpiece that maintains the balance of the best fire-fighting capability and usability.

We shall continue to develop our products through the eyes of our customers and minimize potential disasters caused by fire, solely to build a society that can coexist with "fire".

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